Innovations for Online Virtual Education

Beyond Brick & Mortar

March 2nd, 2010.  Progress on the four region MyOpenGrid, OpenSimulator Educational Usage Virtual World continues. Room was made for a nursing program Hospital/Clinic Environment and floor plan with walk-in, emergency, ambulance and Life-Star helicopter entry/egress being considered as well as MRI, Mammography and X-Ray equipment design underway.  Work also continues on active element components for the CSIT 1710 Networking A+ Certification course utilization.


We can have training far beyond our campus limitations!

Any business, agency, industry or organization can be built!

How do you get "experience" while still in college?

An educator controlled environment can provide great learning!

Allow students the freedom to be creative and artistic!

Any time or place in history and any event could be recreated!

Any curriculum could take advantage of this on any scale!

The adventure of exploration can take you to interesting places!

Go places impossible to experience in real life!

Bring people from anywhere in the world togther at no cost!

For assets and buildings we could never have, this is ideal!

Spring 2010 Networking utilization of this concept.

My students gain experience usually only available on-the-job!

Challenge every student using realistic real-world situations!

Create opportunities for students to use problem-solving skills!

Create and visualize in 3D so students can really understand.

Venturing into many other training venues, my next focus:

Skills, knowledge and experience delivered online!

Creating more virtual space for education, business & industry.